Viterra joins Sea Cargo Charter

Viterra Limited is pleased to announce that Viterra Chartering BV, its dry bulk ocean transportation arm, has become a signatory to the Sea Cargo Charter. This is another step towards strengthening Viterra’s commitment to a sustainable future for the agriculture industry.

Viterra’s Manager Operations, Jeff Wakker says the chartering department’s focus is on sustainable shipping, which supports Viterra’s overall sustainability strategy.  

“We are proud to be a signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter. We want to align our sustainable shipping ambitions with industry benchmarks and provide greater transparency in our sustainability reporting,” said Jeff.

The transparency created by the framework of the Sea Cargo Charter increases the awareness of climate considerations with industry members and peers, and is the basis for changing behaviour for all involved. 

By joining the Sea Cargo Charter Viterra also wants to promote further collaboration and see the Charter further develop as a business standard for the whole shipping industry.

“Although vessels are low polluting compared to other forms of transport, their emissions are a large part of our global output. We will continue to monitor our performance using the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) and work on reducing emissions to minimise our impact on the environment.”

Viterra Chartering manages 200-250 ocean-going vessels to transport bulk commodities daily. 

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Cockwill
Viterra Limited

T: +1 (306) 569-6673

About Viterra
At Viterra, we believe in the power of connection.  Our world-leading, fully integrated agriculture network connects producers to consumers with sustainable, traceable and quality-controlled agricultural products. With more than 17,500 talented employees operating in 37 countries, our strategic network of agricultural storage, processing and transport assets enable us to offer innovative solutions and open pathways for our customers, creating successful partnerships that last. Together, we are stronger, and achieve more.

About the Sea Cargo Charter
The Sea Cargo Charter establishes a framework for assessing and disclosing the climate alignment of ship chartering activities around the globe. It sets a benchmark for what it means to be a responsible charterer in the maritime sector and provides actionable guidance on how to achieve this.

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