Viterra provides support to remove landmines in Ukraine

Viterra Limited, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has provided a multi-year grant to The HALO Trust that will allow it to scale up their efforts in removing landmines in Ukraine.

Viterra will provide USD $2,500,000 over five years to expand HALO’s operations in Ukraine, allowing them to significantly strengthen their mechanical clearance capacity.  This will result in agricultural land being cleared more quickly, to allow farmers safe access to their land to resume production. 

The HALO Trust is the world’s largest humanitarian landmine clearance organisation, leading the effort to protect lives by removing landmines and other explosives, reestablishing the livelihoods and wellbeing for those affected by conflict. 

“Ukrainian farmers play a vital role in helping to feed the world”, said David Mattiske, Chief Executive Officer of Viterra limited.  “HALO’s efforts will be transformative for the people of Ukraine and will restore farmers’ ability to work on their land confidently and safely once again.  We are extremely proud to partner with this lifesaving organisation and are grateful for the services they provide.” 

“The HALO Trust is deeply grateful to Viterra for its support during these challenging times. This funding will enable us to scale up our operations and strengthen our mechanical capability in Ukraine, ensuring that we clear more anti-tank mines at a quicker pace,” said James Cowan, Chief Executive Officer of HALO. “The widespread use of anti-tank mines on agricultural land is contributing to a global food security crisis. By enabling HALO to invest in mechanical assets and personnel, we can help farmers in Ukraine get their grain back on the roads and out to markets.”

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