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Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom _ Ag for Life cash ticket deduction program

As agriculture changes and the general population becomes further removed from the farm, we can help play a pivotal role in educating our consumers about the food they eat and where it comes from. Agriculture in the Classroom and Ag for Life are working to address this disconnect between farmer and consumer by getting into the classroom and educating youth about farming and their food.


Viterra is a proud sponsor of Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan & Manitoba and Ag for Life in Alberta through a variety of initiatives targeted at addressing this disconnect.


To further support our partnerships with these organizations, we’re pleased to offer a cash ticket deduction campaign that allows you the opportunity to donate via cash ticket.


When you donate with your cash ticket, your donation will be directed to the organization in your province. Each organization is a registered charity, so your donation of $20 or more will qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Tax receipts will be e-mailed to you so when you decide to donate, make sure to provide your most current e-mail address.


Talk to your Viterra Rep to make your donation today!


To learn more about each provincial organization, click on the following links:

Ag in the Classroom Manitoba

Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan

Ag for Life Alberta