Viterra SAFEsmart spring safety bulletin

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Viterra Spring Safety Tips

Developing a safe culture on the farm starts with you. Leading by example ensures your employees see you walking the talk, and sets the expectation that safety is an important value to you, and should be for them too.

Working safely mitigates risk on your farm. To do so effectively, it is important to incorporate safe practices into your day-to day operations. During the busy seeding season, it is easy to get into a habit of taking shortcuts and rushing to get things done. By integrating safe procedures into your farm operation and communicating the importance of these procedures to your employees, you can lessen the likelihood of an accident this season.

If you’re hiring seasonal staff, it is especially important to provide an effective safety orientation so they’re aware of the same potential hazards and are properly trained how to prevent injuries. Here are some things to remember when creating a safety plan for you and your staff:

  • Be sure all guards and shields are in place on equipment and machines prior to the commencement of work. Remember to replace the guards and shields following maintenance and repairs.
  • Watch for overhead power lines and communication lines when moving equipment.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. It is a good idea to have someone trained in first aid on each farm work team. Keep well stocked first aid kits and updated fire extinguishers on hand at each work site. Be sure workers know how to use fire extinguisher. And keep important phone numbers on hand in case of emergency.
  • Wear protective clothing when handling or applying any chemicals or fertilizer. Use respirators, gloves and chemical-resistant overalls to ensure there is no contamination.

It's also important to have a safety plan if you have children on the farm. Children need designated play areas where they know it is safe to play. They also need to learn safety by example, so be a strong role model and educate your children so they are aware of the potential dangers, and the best ways to stay safe.

By incorporating these best practices in your day to day activities, you can minimize on farm incidents and create a safe working environment for your business. We wish you a safe and successful seeding season.

Kyle Jeworski
President & CEO