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Viterra's Sustainability Program 


What is sustainability certification all about?

Our Sustainability Program is about helping producers gain market access for their products.  For example, the EU has certain requirements in place for its canola imports and by certifying that our customers meet these requirements, we are creating more demand and movement opportunities for canola out of Canada.


What is involved in being certified?

The certification process is quick and easy.  We ask that producers fill out a short questionnaire to confirm their sustainable crops practices.  

Since we established this program, we have found that a large majority of our customers are already utilizing sustainable practices on their farms.  This process is about ensuring we have the paperwork in place in order to satisfy the conditions for steady access to this market. 

I’m confident that I use proper practices on my farm.  Why should I bother becoming certified sustainable?

Worldwide demand for sustainably produced products is growing. Some governments are mandating minimum levels of sustainability produced products. Viterra’s ability to supply sustainably certified Canadian grain allows access to these developing markets. 

End use customers sourcing sustainable ingredients from Viterra need to able to transfer this certification down to their finished products and provide a sustainably labeled and verified product to their consumers. 

Further, certification is good for all crops grown on the farm, not just canola. We are starting to receive more inquiries from customers looking for sustainable wheat, pulses and other oilseeds.

How big is this program? How can I find out more?

Viterra is an industry leader in sustainability certification.  We’ve been using the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification program to certify thousands of growers over the past five years.

We encourage you to contact your local Viterra Representative today to learn more about this program and its benefits for your business.