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Viterra's Sustainability Program 


What is sustainability certification all about?

Many of our end use customers are looking for raw ingredients produced in a sustainable manner. Customers sourcing sustainable ingredients from Viterra are able to transfer this certification down to their finished product and provide a sustainably labeled and verified product to the consumer. 


What does a sustainably produced crop refer to?

A sustainably produced crop does not negatively impact the environment. Compliance is verified through a number of different criteria that prove that the crop was produced in an environmentally sound way, using ethical farming and management practices and that no further land has been cleared after 2008. 


Why is Viterra involved?

Worldwide demand for sustainably produced products is rapidly growing. Many governments are mandating minimum levels of sustainability produced products. Viterra’s ability to supply sustainably certified Canadian grain allows access to these developing markets. Sustainably produced grains provide the raw ingredients for many different industrial, food, and feed end products. 


What’s the benefit of enrolling in the program?

Enrolling in the program will give you access to new/emerging markets, which will create more demand and movement opportunities for Canadian product. 


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