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Canola Meal - Dairy

Canola Meal - Dairy

Dual Protein and Energy Feed Ingredient

Viterra canola meal is produced by a mechanical expeller-pressing process. Different from the conventional pre-press, solvent-extraction processing of canola meal, hexane solvent is not used to extract the oil in the expeller-pressed process. The resulting meal is solvent free and contains higher levels of oil (approximately 10 percent) compared to conventional solvent-extracted canola meal (approximately 1 percent). Despite its higher oil content, the protein content in Viterra expeller-pressed canola meal is not diluted; it has the same amount of protein as conventional canola meal. Additionally, the water content of Viterra canola meal is only 5 percent, versus 12 percent for conventional canola meal.

Optimize Milk Production

Viterra canola meal, like conventional canola meal, is widely used in dairy feeds. Like conventional canola meal, there will be more milk production due to the high quality nature of canola protein. As well, the extra energy in Viterra canola meal means less supplemental fat may be required to balance the diets.

Premium Ingredient

Canola meal is recognized as a premium ingredient for dairy cows. It is a good source of protein nitrogen to the rumen for rumen microbial production and has an excellent amino acid balance (especially methionine and histidine) in the RUP fraction to meet dairy cows’ needs for milk protein production. Canola meal also has a good ADF/NDF ratio and high levels of phosphorus.

Very Palatable – Cows Like the Taste

Cows like the taste of expeller-pressed canola meal. Dairy cows are very sensitive to the taste of feed ingredients and they will not eat unpalatable or bitter feed. In fact, research* has shown that dairy cows eating as much as 8.8 pounds of canola meal per day in a total mixed ration (TMR) will consume as much, or more feed, as cows fed lower levels of canola meal or no canola meal at all.