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Viterra Marketing Advantage

Viterra Marketing Advantage

Viterra has a wide variety of contracts to help you develop a disciplined risk management plan for marketing your grain.


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A basis contract lets you lock in a basis level on a specific quantity and quality of grain for a specified delivery period, but leave the futures price open until a later time.

Fixed Futures
A fixed futures contract allows you to fix the futures price and delivery period on a quantity of grain leaving the basis open.

Deferred Delivery Contract 

This deferred delivery contract allows you to lock in a basis and futures price, establishing a net price and delivery period for a specified quantity and quality of grain.


Target Price Agreement 

Viterra's Target Price Agreement (TPA) allows you to select the basis, futures or net price you would like to achieve without having to monitor the ups and downs of the market.  And with our online TPA service via myViterra, it's easier for you to market your grain.


Not all contracts are available at each facility. Please contact your Viterra Rep for more information.