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Warden Oilseed Processing

Warden oilseed processing

Viterra Oilseed Processing, located in Warden, WA, is the largest commercial-scale canola processing facility west of the Rocky Mountains. It is one of only two large-scale canola processing facilities in North America using expeller-press technology. The facility is designed to produce over 300,000,000 pounds of canola oil each year. Our oil products are food grade quality and are also available for use as a renewable fuel. Our Canola Meal products are sold into the dairy cattle and other live-stock markets. The Warden plant is designed to crush over 350,000 metric tonnes of canola seed annually.


Viterra also owns and operates two oilseed processing facilities in Canada.


Our canola processing facility at Ste. Agathe, Manitoba produces all-natural canola oil using an expeller-based process which maintains the natural nutritional value for food applications. It also produces canola meal for swine, poultry and dairy.


In Bécancour, Quebec, Viterra operates a canola and soybean processing facility, the largest oilseed processing facility in Eastern Canada. The plant produces vegetable oil destined for food and industrial markets, as well as meal for the livestock industry.