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Financial news

This section provides a comprehensive overview of Viterra's financial information, including financial reports, historical data and current key figures.

Annual report 2023

The financial report of Viterra presents an overview of the company's finances and key highlights over the past year, ending 31 December 2023. Download our latest annual report and stay informed.

Download financial report 2023
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Financial Reports

Viterra's financial reports provide a detailed insight into the company's finances. The current and historical reports can be viewed to find out about Viterra's financial situation.

Report name Date Format
Full-year report 2023 2024/03/01
Half-year report 2023 2023/10/31
Full-year report 2022 2023/10/31
Half-year report 2022 2023/10/31
Full-year report 2021 2023/10/31
Half-year report 2021 2023/10/31
Annual report 2020 2023/10/31
Annual report 2019 2023/10/31
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Our credit ratings

Company Rating Outlook Recent Reports
Standard & Poor's BBB- Stable S&P 2022 HY Report
Fitch Ratings BBB Stable Fitch Ratings upgrade commentary


This is a summary of Viterra's current credit ratings by Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings, including the outlook and most recent financial reports by each rating agency. For detailed information, please refer to the respective reports.

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