Sustainability report 2023_website.jpg
Sustainability report 2023_website.jpg
Container ship in the harbour
Container ship in the harbour
Viterra Botlek processing facility
Viterra Botlek processing facility

What we do at Viterra

At Viterra, we take great pride in supplying essential food and feed products to the world. Our agricultural network spans 38 countries, drawing on our close relationships with producers and end-use customers, connecting them to provide traceable and sustainable agricultural commodities.

Handling over 125 million metric tonnes annually, including grains, oilseeds, pulses, and more, we're dedicated stewards of some of the world’s most critical food and feed networks. Discover our commitment to responsible operations and international trade compliance as we strive to feed the world safely, reliably, and sustainably.


At Viterra, we originate agricultural commodities and supply them to customers worldwide using our insight, experience, network and strong producer relationships.


At Viterra, our comprehensive logistics network allows us to oversee our commodities from farm gate to customer.

Storage & handling

Viterra’s storage and handling facilities are strategically located in key growing regions to ensure products are available when customers need them.

Processing & refining

At Viterra, we own a range of facilities that enable us to provide commodities ready for consumer use.

Port terminals

At Viterra, we own a network of port terminals in key locations that ship to destinations around the world.

We are Viterra

At Viterra, we believe in the power of connection. Our world-leading agriculture network connects producers to consumers with sustainable, traceable and quality-controlled agricultural products. With more than 16,000 talented employees operating in 37 countries, our strategic network of agricultural storage, processing and transport assets enable us to offer innovative solutions and open pathways for our customers, creating successful partnerships that last. Together, we are stronger, and achieve more.

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