We are one of world’s leading grain marketers – one of the top exporters from Europe, Canada, the US and Australia. Our strength comes from the direct relationships we have built with producers in major growing regions around the globe.

Our leading agricultural network enables us to build lasting relationships with the producers we buy from. Our quality assured system of storage, handling, processing and logistics means consumers can be sure their exact requirements will be met.


We are one of the largest suppliers of wheat in the world. We source wheat and durum from major wheat producing regions, including Europe, Canada, Argentina and Australia. Wherever possible we source our wheat directly from producers and are able to assure a consistent supply of milling, durum, noodle and feed wheats in both bulk and containers. We accumulate shipments to meet our consumers’ exact quality specifications.

We have a strong presence in the durum market world-wide with vast origination networks across the globe in Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA, Kazakhstan and most parts of Europe. Our strong, quality controlled network globally allows us to supply our large consumer base with their specific quality needs in destinations such as North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Turkey and North and South America.


We market red sorghum from Australia, Argentina and the US, and white sorghum from Europe and India. The main destination markets are Asia and Africa. Our consumers import sorghum for feed, industrial and food products, with support from our local marketing offices.


We supply both genetically modified (GMO) and non-GMO corn for starch, ethanol and feed products. We have traceability protocols in Europe that guarantee access to certified sustainable corn and a consistent and safe product. We are expanding our logistics network in the growing area of South America to meet rising demand.


Barley is one of our core commodities. We have an unrivalled network of producers in all the key producing regions. We can supply malting barley and feed barley tailored to the different demands of our consumers. We are a major supplier to the malting and brewing markets in China and across the Asia region.

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